Friday, October 23, 2009

You Name It - You Win It #2

You Name It - You Win It #2

The 2nd in our You Name It - You Win It Contest is

this beautiful and classic Holiday Tutu.

It's created using Wine, Shimmering White (yes, it's shimmers), and Paris Pink.

It's topped off with wine and pink ribbons.

This tutu is so versatile, it makes the perfect Holiday event outfit and

is sure to be a crowd favorite!

Beautiful for Holiday Photographs and Cards!

You Name it - You Win It!

Up to a size 5t.

Want one? You can order yours HERE.

Contest ends 11/1/09


  1. Oh it is amazing! Love the colours! You don't see the wine colour very much in fabrics :)

    Shimmer and Shine

    Twinkling Paris Princess

    Purple People Pleaser

    Sparkling Princess Pink

  2. Holiday Shimmer
    Shimmer Diva
    Santa's Diva Raindeer

  3. Magestic shimmer

    stuffsmartblog at gmail dot com

  4. What a lovely tutu :) Reminds me of a tutu I danced in :)

    Purple Shimmer
    Shimmering Princess
    Parisian Shimmer
    Sugar Plum Shimmer


  5. Sugarplum Sweetie
    Tiny Twilight
    Periwinkle Princess
    Little Lavender Lady

  6. French Pink Princess

    Parisian Pink Pixie (inhabitants of Paris)

    Shimmery Chic

    Glittering and Glamorous Purple Princess

    Chic Paris Pourpre (purple in french)

    Luminescent Pink Pixie

  7. Holiday Flare
    Holiday Shine
    Shimmer Glimmer
    Twinkle Twinkle
    Sparkle Beauty

  8. Parisian Dream
    Purple Parisian Princess
    Parisian Princess
    Aurora's Shimmer
    Pink/Purple Dream
    Sweet Dreams

  9. The Land of Fairies
    Sweet Simplicity
    Dusted Pink Kisses
    Shimmering Fairy Snow
    Princess Dreams
    Christmas in Paris

  10. Purple Rose

    Royal Purple Princess or just Royalty Purple

    *Fact: - Only the most expensive dyes were used to produce the color purple, it therefore became symbolic with wealth, power and royalty*

    Hues of violet

    Tutu Purpink Royalty

    (after all, all Divas are Royalty, hehe)

  11. paris shimmer
    shimmery plum
    sugar plum dream
    blushing plum

  12. Reindeer Throttle
    Reindeer Ballet
    Prancing the Nite Away
    Doe a Deer
    Santa's Little Helper

  13. Sugarplum sparkle
    Christmas Star
    Sugarplum Diva
    Shimmer and Shine
    Mulberry Shine
    Mulberry Sparkle


  14. Whispers of Wonder
    Pink Fairy Kisses
    Pixie Wishes

  15. How about Sugar Plum Fairy Princess? My daughter is rarely just a princess or a fairy, she is usually a Fairy Princess.

  16. Berry Fairy

    Berry Prettyful

    Petti Prancer

    Berry Couli

  17. or Prancer petti...
    oh i forgot to add my email
    rmathome (at) hotmail. com

  18. Holly's Dreams and Hopes

    I thought the color of the tutu just reminded me of holly. And then I started thinking about my nieces, Holly and Jessie, who were born at 30 weeks gestation on 12/26/08 (it was Christmas night in the US). Holly was the weaker of the two, but they are now strong little girls who will turn 1 on the day after Christmas! I think about the hopes and dreams we all had for those two tiny babies.

  19. Sparkleberry Princess
    Sparkleberry Diva

  20. Cher petit FeƩ (french for Dear Little Fairy)
    Dear Little Fairy
    Veil of Dreams
    Pirouetting Pixies

  21. Plum Puddin'
    Plum Puddin' Princess
    Sugar Plum Puddin'
    Holly Berry Princess

  22. Thank you all for entering your names!

    The winner is Meghan K's "Santa's Little Diva". Submitted to us via E-Mail.

    Congrats Meghan!