Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Will you please take a second and vote for Little Diva Tutus?

Little Diva Tutus was told about the Leading Moms in Business contest and encouraged to enter...so we did! :)

Now, we're asking for your help in voting for us!

We need as many votes and comments as possible to help us win!

So...what do we win? Cash? Prizes? Not exactly. :)

The winner is given is given the Leading Moms in Business Emblem to post on their site and e-mails.

Why do we want to win? Because we want to continue to spread the word about Little Diva Tutus and the fundraisers we offer to help sick children and their families!

Will you take a minute to vote for us and tell your friends about us? Click to Vote for Us!

I sincerely appreciate it!

- Melissa

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