Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm Bored!!

Most of us mom's are already into our summer break! Yay! No car pools, no early morning runs to the bus stop (our bus arrives at 6:52 am)...

But what? Another summer of planning activities...finding baby-sitters, getting kids to swim lessons and birthday parties and this and that.

What about those days where you have nothing to do? The days we long for...a day off from work, a day to get caught up on the ever growing pile of laundry a day to get some work done around the yard and house. What will you plan to keep the kids busy on those... "I'm Bored" days?

Little Diva Tutus has created the one and only DIY Tutu Kit! If you're Little Diva can tie a knot (and if she can't it's super easy to teach) she can create a basic Diva Tutu!

Our DIY or Diva Party Kit (TM) arrives at your door with everything she needs to make a tutu for herself, her friend or her pet...and at $16.99 it's worth the couple of hours she's going to keep busy with it!

Each of our Party Kits includes a sewn waistband in the size you choose, enough fabric to create your Diva Tutu, a ribbon to tie on afterwards, a matching hair accessory and easy step-by-step instructions! Each kit arrives in an ubber adorable eco-friendly Diva Can (TM). There is nothing to throw away in this kit...not even the paper...cut it into four pieces and use it as scratch paper!

Some of the fun things we've heard other Little Diva's use their Diva Cans (TM) for have been:

Punch a hole in the top and use it as a bank
Drill a couple of holes in the bottom and use it as a small planter
A hair bow holder
Pencil holder (this is what I use one for)
Take a photo of yourself in your tutu, tape the photo to the inside of the can and give it to mom or dad for her/his desk!
Sunglass holder
Ring holder (it'll even hold ring pops!)

In the end will you not only have a beautiful tutu to sport this summer, but a one-of-a-kind Diva Can (TM) with multiple uses!

These are also perfect for parents who enjoy craft/do-it-yourself type birthday parties and events!

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