Friday, November 5, 2010

Leading Moms in Business Winner !

We are pleased to announce that last month, Melissa Jones, was voted 24th place in the Leading Moms Business Women contest, held by Now you may be thinking 24th place, wow that is not that great, well I didn't tell you how many entries there were!! Among the thousands of entries, yes I said THOUSANDS, Melissa, owner / creator / president / tutu expert, ranked TWENTY FOURTH ! Now that is a big deal !! Melissa would never toot her own horn, but I think this is pretty wonderful !

To view a complete list of the contest winners, please visit:

This is the 2nd year StartupNation has held this contest & the outpouring support to Moms who are leading businesses into the future was HUGE ! There was a total of 709,000 votes placed for these amazing business women. This shows how innovative Moms can really be. StartupNation attributed social networks such as, Twitter, Facebook, and of course ... Blogs, to be future of businesses & business women. They say that this new way of giving a "word of mouth" recommendation is leading women from a small little hobby, to a successful, well run business.

On StartupNation's website it also talked about how these moms are using social networks to give a voice to organizations they believe in. These organizations are now receiving support from moms all over the world, because of a mother's natural ability to spread the word ! (some people say women talk too much, well sometimes it's a good thing :) ) This form of online dedication is something that has driven Melissa, from reading a story about a sick little girl, to now running a successful & extremely generous business. After reading the story of sweet little Hannah who was loosing her battle with cancer, Melissa began creating ladybug tutus to give back. This ignited Melissa's passion towards creating & using her talents and abilities to "pay it forward". Melissa has since given to various charities including, St.Jude's Hospital, The Layla Grace Children's Cancer Research Foundation, and has recently added Braden Hofen's family. These families have all in some way touched Melissa's life & have driven her every day to be a business woman with integrity & honesty.

Melissa is very honored & humbled by the overwhelming support she has received in this contest & in her business. She is very thankful for her loyal customers, who she now calls her friends.

To see more about Startup Nation and their mission to acknowledge women & their endeavors as entrepreneurs, please visit :

Congratulations Melissa and Little Diva Tutus !

Peace, Love, and Tutus,

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