Tuesday, January 24, 2012

DIY Fabric Softener - Cost: $1.43!

The recipe below created 2 1/4 containers of fabric softener for $1.43!

I made it a goal of mine to cut out unnecessary spending this year...now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll still splurge from time to time, but generally speaking I'm looking for areas I can cut back on. Laundry was one of them. Each month I found myself buying Tide, Downy and Downy Fabric Sheets. I decided that I didn't need both liquid fabric softener and fabric sheets so I cut out the liquid.

Missing my liquid Downy in each load (I really miss that smell) I started searching for alternatives...and I found this one on Frugal Girls.

I am so pleased with how easy it is to make and the savings blew me away!!!

What you'll need:

6 cups of hot water (I brought my water to a slight boil on the stove top)

3 cups of white vinegar

2 cups of Suave conditions (use your favorite scent)


Mix conditioner and hot water until the conditioner is completely dissolved.

Add the 3 cups of vinegar and mix well.

I used a whisk to start and then switched to a spatula to make sure the conditioner was mixed in well.

Once it's dissolved, you're done! It's that easy!!

Using a funnel, pour your fabric softener into a used, clean container. I used my old detergent bottles.

The original instructions state to use your Downy Ball, which leads me to believe you use the same amount you would if you were using a store bought fabric softener.

I will post my results as soon as I've completed some laundry!

Price Breakdown:

1 Family Size bottle of Suave conditioner: $1.46

1 Gallon Vinegar: $2.38

Use: 2 cups of Suave = .49/cup = .98

3 cups of Vinegar = .15/cup = .45

Total: $1.43!

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  1. Thats awesome Thanks for sharing I am going to do this and see if my family notices.