Monday, March 26, 2012

An Inexpensive Gift Idea from Little Diva Tutus

Another fun & easy DIY gift idea!

We threw a surprise party for my sixteen year old on Saturday. We had a super fattening candy bar. I saved money by purchasing vases & candy at the Dollar Tree.

After cleaning up I thought what can I do with these vases? I already have a bunch saved in my cabinet...I didn't want to add to unnecessary clutter.

I decided to make these for my sister who, like me has a wine theme in her dining room.

Total cost...$1.00/each vase ~ Wine corks purchased through eBay (I bought 100 for $10 or $15) ~ Tealights...I have a bunch because I light them often.

This project is so easy...

Simply line your wine corks in order inside your vase, be sure to put one in the center to balance it.

Continue this all the way up, using a shorter cork for the center of the top. Push your tealight into place. Make sure the tealight is secure.

I don't recommend lighting these unless you are watching them...maybe at dinner or something where you can watch them constantly. I like them more as decor and the best part is, if you need the vases, dump the corks into something else and your vases are ready for another use.

Happy Crafting!


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